PHP Programming Basics

Date and Time: 
25-28 April 2011, 9 AM - 4 PM
Technical Trainer

EOD is offering a four day course on introductory PHP programming and using PHP to create database-driven websites that are sophisticated, efficient and easily managed.

Topics for the course include:

PHP Syntax, Passing Values Via the URL, HTML Forms & PHP Variables, Identifiers & Constants, Variable Scope, Magic Quotes, Operators, Flow Control, If Conditions, Switch Statements, Loops, Getting the Most out of; Reading & Writing to Files in PHP; Using Arrays in PHP; String Manipulations in PHP; Reusing Code & Writing Functions in PHP; Intro/Review to SQL & Statements; Database Manipulation and PHP; Authentication with PHP and SQL; Session Control in PHP; Sending Email with PHP; File System Management; Object-Oriented PHP Development; Advanced Form Validation with Regular Expressions; Error Handling; XML and PHP; and Common PEAR Packages

Prerequisites for the course are:

Experience with HTML

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Speaker Description: 

A professional trainer specialized in teaching PHP programming.

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