Performance modeling results of Higher Order Symmetric Schemes

Date and Time: 
Tuesday 2018 Apr 3rd
CG Auditorium
Jack Ogaja

Performance modeling results of Higher Order Symmetric Schemes in a Limited Area model, COSMO, show that the increased stencil width associated with the schemes has insignificant impact on the computational costs when applied at climate scales. The computing time for longer time integration of the model equations is however affected by additional operations necessary for the symmetric conservative fourth order scheme. The results show that there is about fifty percent increase in computing time for the fourth order symmetric schemes compared to the traditional upwind schemes used in the model but without significant effect on the total run time for climate simulations. We show that the symmetric property of these schemes make it possible to design efficient algorithms with minimal communications in overlapping domains thus making them practical for high resolution geophysical modeling using the current and future supercomputers. The overall efficiency of the higher order schemes coupled with there numerical conservative properties make them appropriate for current and future generation Earth System Models.

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Jack Ogaja is a Scientific Programmer and Data Analyst at Brown University. Previously worked as a Computational Scientist at Barcelona Supercomputing Center in Spain, and Brandenburg University of Technology in Germany.

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