A Method for Creating and Maintaining an Inventory of an Institution's Scientific Data

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2014 April 7th @ 1:30pm
CG1 Auditorium
James Fluke

Institutions are archiving ever-increasing volumes of data for research. For institutions where data sets are brought in by separate research groups and hosted in stovepipe systems it is likely that many of those data sets could benefit the work of other groups if they are sharable, discoverable, and made accessible. This presentation describes a software project meant to address this issue in progress at CIRA. The software creates and maintains an inventory of the various data archives available at the CIRA Fort Collins campus. This is done using the standard LAMP tools: Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP, and they have been up to the task so far. The core of the system is a highly configurable PHP program that can be set up to handle a wide range of data sets. To allow access to the inventory, a restful web interface is under development using the slim framework, and a prototype web application has been written, in PHP and jQuery, using the API. These will be demonstrated during the presentation.

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Jim is a computer programmer with the CIRA CloudSat Data Processing Center. Currently, he is helping to explore the software needs of a possible CIRA Data Processing Center, and working on ways to improve Configuration Management for the CloudSat DPC.

Previously, he worked for CIRA at Boulder in association with NOAA’s Global Systems Division where he worked on AWIPS 1 and AWIPS 2.

He received his BA in Chemistry from the University of Northern Colorado (1978), and MS (1982) in Biochemistry from the University of California, Riverside. His experience includes over 25 years experience in computer programming, and over 20 years experience in hydrometeorological display and user interface programming.

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