Docker: What's in it for me?

Date and Time: 
2014 March 20th @ 3pm
ML-132 Main Seminar
Ian Truslove

Docker is a new containerization tool that seems to be all the rage. But what is it, what is it being used for, and more importantly, "what's in it for me?" This presentation will provide a developer/devops point of view of some introductory concepts and tools used to build, deploy and run Docker containers, and how Docker might fit into highly scalable web application architectures.

Speaker Description: 

Ian Truslove is a software engineer working on large cloud-based archiving solutions for Sonian. He has worked in various software roles for quite some time now, and has been learning, working with, contributing to, leading and coaching agile teams with agile development practices for the last seven. Contact Ian at @iantruslove

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If you use a non-flash enabled device, you may download the video here

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