C++ Programming Level 1 Course

Date and Time: 
21-24 March 2011, 9 AM - 4 PM
Technical Trainer

EOD is offering a four day course on Level-1 C++ Programming.  Topics for the course will include:

The Object Model Member Functions: Access Control; Object Management: Constructors, Destructors, Dynamic objects (new, delete); C++ as a Better C: Stream I/O, Const Inline, Functions Default, Arguments, Function Overloading: Specialization: Public Inheritance, Pointer Conversion, Heterogeneous Collections; Polymorphism: Virtual Member, Functions, Dynamic Binding Abstract Base; Production Programming Mechanisms: Static Members, Protected and Friend, Arrays of Objects, Linkage Issues; Production Programming Techniques: Dynamic Object Ownership, Header Files; Operator Overloading: Unary/Binary Operators, Operator Functions, Reference Type; Value Semantics: Object State, Assignment, Initialization; Templates: Type Parameterization, Collection/Container Classes, Implementation Issues; Template Library: Iterators, Collections, Algorithms; Multiple Inheritance: Protocol Inheritance, Multiple and Dynamic Classification, Virtual Base Classes; Exceptions: Handling Policies, Exception Mechanism, Case Studies

Prerequisites for the course are:

Experience with intermediate level programming in C.  Programmers should be comfortable with structures, pointers, arrays, dynamic memory allocation, string handling, and the C preprocessor. Familiarity with object-oriented programming is not a prerequisite.

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Speaker Description: 

A professional trainer specialized in C++ programming.

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