Recommendations for Best Software Engineering Practices at EOL

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2010 Nov 18th @ 3:00pm
FL2-1001 Small Seminar
J. VanAndel & J. Allison

Recently, EOL has been examining its current software development processes and has started to develop recommendations and guidelines for software development. First, we will present the principles that shaped the guidelines and the purpose of the guidelines. Next, we will describe some of the practices that are already commonly used in EOL. Finally, we will describe some of the software practices that EOL plans to introduce. We welcome a dialogue with members of the audience about what software practices they have found most valuable and how best to introduce new software practices in their organizations.

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John Allison joined UCAR/NCAR as a student assistant in 1992 and is currently a software engineer at EOL. He has worked on a variety of applications from number crunching to GUIs to web and is currently involved in major revisions of the metadata stores and web applications for the EOL data archive.

Joe VanAndel graduated from Calvin College, Grand Rapids, MI with a double major of mathematics and physics in 1978. He earned his master's degree in computer science at University of California at Berkeley in 1980. Joe worked at AT&T Bell Laboratories in Westminster, CO on a real-time operating system called Oryx/Pecos. His next job was with Cadnetix, where he worked on porting Unix to proprietary workstations and servers, computer aided design tools, and software configuration management. In 1988, Joe started working at NCAR/EOL. His initial job was to lead a software team that transformed a prototype radar into a research testbed that served the FAA and the National Weather Service. Since this project, Joe has mostly worked on remote sensing with radars and lidars. He also worked on Driftsonde - a stratospheric balloon system that drops sondes from 90,000 feet in remote areas of the planet.

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