Best Practices Town Hall

Date and Time: 
2011 Jul 28th @ 3:10pm
FL2-1001 Small Seminar
Leonard Sitongia

What are your best practices in software engineering? What do you wish others would use in their development? Shouldn't new staff at NCAR/UCAR be able to quickly learn the best practices in use here?

We all have limited time to investigate new practices, even though it is one of the more enjoyable parts of software engineering. Best Practices can guide us in how we work in the engineering culture in NCAR/UCAR. They give new people a quick start in their work.

The SEA Best Practices committee provided an analysis and description of Best Practices. It is published in the SEA website. This Town Hall will consider the importance of identifying Best Practices and refreshing this publication. Is there value in this? Have we identified the results? Are the published results sufficient?

Please bring your energy and ideas to this meeting!

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