The Assimilation Project: Discovery and Monitoring Without Limit

Date and Time: 
2013 Sept 26th @ 3pm
CG1-1214 North Auditorium
Alan Robertson

The Assimilation Project provides integrated IT discovery and monitoring aimed at risk management and mitigation. Discovery finds systems, services, dependencies, including services you aren’t monitoring and systems you’ve forgotten about. About 30% of all outside security breaches come through forgotten systems. Discovery is continuous and has zero-network-footprint.; Monitoring is extremely scalable due to a radically distributed architecture. Discovery informs monitoring - simplifying configuration and maintenance.

The Assimilation Project software provides extremely scalable easy-to-configure monitoring, and creates a continually up to date, detailed configuration management database based on the Neo4j graph database.

Speaker Description: 

Alan is a well-known speaker on high availability, discovery, monitoring, scalability and graph databases having spoken at over 30 conferences over the world. He founded and leads the Assimilation Project providing scalable, continuous IT discovery and monitoring. He also founded the Linux-HA project (currently known as Pacemaker) and led it for about 10 years.

He works for Assimilation Systems Limited which he founded to develop and support the Assimilation Project. He previously worked at IBM, SuSE, and Bell Labs.

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