Open Source and Flexibility

Date and Time: 
2013 May 16th @ 3:00pm
ML-132 Main Seminar
Simon Phipps
When we think of open source, it's easy to believe it's just about licensing software. But the core value it brings is actually flexibility - the creation of fluid cultures where innovation can flow freely and where software can be adapted as needs changed with the minimum of interference from outside your organisation. This seminar will consider:
  • The origins and nature of the business value open source delivers
  • How procurement rules may need changing to enable open source use
  • Open source communities and their characteristics
  • A simple taxonomy of open source licenses
  • The role and future of OSI, the Open Source Initiative
Speaker Description: 

Simon Phipps is President at the Open Source Initiative (OSI), the non-profit organisation that advocates for open source software, builds bridges between open source communities and maintains the canonical list of open source licenses. Currently an independent consultant on open source policy and practice, he was previously head of open source at Sun Microsystems, CSO of startup Forgerock and a founder of IBM’s Java business unit.

Apart from his pro bono participation at OSI, he is also on the board of the Open Rights Group and the leadership team of The Document Foundation. He has been widely involved in standardisation activities, including as a founding director of the Open Mobile Alliance and as one of the Sun executives sponsoring the donation of resources to OASIS to create Open Document Format (ODF). He is a Fellow of the British Computer Society as well as an Open Forum Fellow.

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